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Les modules les plus utilisés sont déjà compatibles avec la dernière version 21 de eGroupware (SpiFina/Spid/SpiQuote/SpiSMS/SpiClient...)

Tickets, interventions or actions management and tracking in eGroupware with SpiD

Objectives : tickets and interventions management system up to online invoicing

The ticket management application "Spi-Demands" or SpiD is designed with the objective to be as complete and versatile as possible and completely integrated with eGroupware, either for an internal use or for a use with external customers.

The application Tracker eGroupware is very convenient and we use it extensively ourselves for bugtracking and projects, however, the Tracker is not designed with the same approach and is missing some key functions :

screens may be too rich for occasional users
the workflow is too versatile, where it may not be possible to reverse a ticket status in some cases
there is no distinction as for the person who is raising the problem or his team/company
the ACL do not allow to isolate customers, for them to access only their tickets
no invocing
no statistics
uncomplete print screens

Our application SpiD is an answer to ticket monitoring and management, in many contexts : IT support, general affairs or consulting actions, either towards "internal clients" or towards external clients...

Organizations concerned

local administrations
consulting companies

Main functions

Ticket and interventions creation with an optimized screen

Choice of the category or subcategory with automatic assignement to the group responsible for the selected category
Selection of the demanding team/client (from the module SpiClient), according to the user rights
Selection of a demandor, amongst contacts from the selected client
Choice of the intervention site
Choice for the deadline and urgency status
Title and free text to explain the problem

Ticket lifecycle

Ticket updating
The contact details of the demandor appear in the ticket
The status are changed according to a designed workflow
There are shortcuts to help in writing tickets updates
Tickets are assigned by default to the users responsible for the category
According to settings, the updates may be sent to concerned contacts by emails
Possibility to link a ticket to other tickets or to egroupware elements
On-the-fly possibility to create a calendar event


The applications has differents statistics screens :

-by client : passed hours/days, number on opened, closed tickets, tunover, percents, averages, etc.

- by intervenant : passed hours/days, number on opened, closed tickets, tunover, percents, averages, etc.

- monthly or annual views by clients or intervenants as for turnover and activity reports...


The system allows to invoice tickets according to time passed, general or particular tariffs grid and  the status of the tickets.

Tickets closed and not invoiced with a closing date before the date of the invoice may be attached to an invoice. Once the invoice validated, the invoice and its included tickets cannot be changed.  The invoice may be printed to PDF (directly in the server) and then are included to statistics..

The module supports serveral clients and several providers, it allows to invoice internal or external customers defined in SpiClient.

Access rights

The module is used by different customers who can only access their tickets and do not even have access to the list of other users or clients in eGroupware...


If your organization has several locations or buildings, you may select the location concerned by the ticket, the locations being defined by the administrator.

Simple and advanced search

The applications takes over eGroupware ergonomics and use filters similar as those from the addressbook. The advance search screen allows to search full-text with various criteria.

Easy and versatile configuration

All elements might be changed in the parameters : categories, responsible groups by categoryes, customer/client reslations, access rights, status and transitions, constraints befor the closing of a ticket, global pricing grid or particular pricing for a customer and/or a status, default messages, etc.

See screen captures of the configuration screens

Last functions added to the module

Accounting export
Accounting tab to register contract, order reference, etc.
Intervenants objectives, also showed in the statistics
Improved Statistics and exports

Technical background

Compatible with Egroupware 14.1 / 14.2 / 14.3
Développed with php, eTemplate, Javascript
<b>Compatible with accounts stored in mysql, Ldap, Active Directory</b>
Multi-language support


Purchase of the software
Yearly maintenance : 20% of the licence price
Intégration/trainings : depending to modules

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