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Les modules les plus utilisés sont déjà compatibles avec la dernière version 21 de eGroupware (SpiFina/Spid/SpiQuote/SpiSMS/SpiClient...)

SpireAPI - Stand-alone reference tables management with the purpose to share data between modules

Objectives: stand-alone reference tables management with the purpose to share data between modules

The application SpireAPI allows administrators and advanced users to fill up references tables that can be shared or used by several other applications or as such.
Of course, it uses eGroupware coding rules and etemplates.

SpireAPI also included some functions to query these tables and may contain other functions that may have not developped in eGroupware main API (hence Spire-API...).


Applications using SpireAPI

Organizations concerned

local administrations
consulting companies

Key Features

HR reference tables

Employee list with two extra code, unique link with the eGroupware's user, association to a manager, to a team (and cost centers), objectives
List of functions
List of teams

Organization references

List of sites (with address, and parent-child relations)
List of zones

Financial references

  • VAT Rates

Simple and advanced search

The module is integrated with eGroupware and uses tools and filter list similar to those in the address book.

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Terms of use of Spirea's open-source modules

The described module is published by Spirea under the same terms as eGroupware Community : GNU General Public License v.2.0 (GPL2).  In other terms:

  • The module is available as such without warranty and usable free of charge
  • You are allowed to modify it, as long as your modifications are published under the same terms (GPL)
  • Installation, maintenance, backups are on your sole and full responsibility

Technical background

Compatible with Egroupware 14.1 / 14.2 / 14.3
Développed with php, eTemplate, Javascript
<b>Compatible with accounts stored in mysql, Ldap, Active Directory</b>
Multi-language support

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