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Demo website for eGroupware

Businesses, associations, local authorities or administrations, whenever you need to work together in teams or projects, some needs are rarely covered simple tools technologically relevant, user-friendly and free.

Egroupware is already used by thousands of organizations around the world, this is certainly collaborative intranet for your team.

Try and test...

  • <a href="http://demo-egroupware.spirea.fr">Test website for eGroupware on our servers</a>
  • <a href="http://demo-egroupware.spirea.fr/calendar/index.php">Try out eGroupware's calendar</a>
  • <a href="http://demo-egroupware.spirea.fr/addressbook/index.php">Tes egroupware's adressbook</a>
  • <a href="http://demo-egroupware.spirea.fr/projectmanager/index.php">Try the projectmanager</a>
  • <a href="http://demo-egroupware.spirea.fr/spid/index.php">Try Spid, our ticket management system</a>

And more...

  • Knowledge Base: your articles available online
  • Calendar: shared calendars, automatic reminders, etc..
  • Calreport: accounting for time spent in the different categories in the calendar
  • Addressbook: contacts available and shared online
  • News: To view your internal news, exportable rss feed
  • Registration: module useful for users to register online
  • ETemplate: the jewel of eGroupware, ETemplate simply allows you to change the forms of the other modules
  • Timesheets: to register time passed on various egroupware's actions
  • Gallery: eGroupware add-on based on Gallery2 - provides a picture library Egroupware
  • File Manager: an alternative to an ftp site
  • Project Manager: The project manager can manage your projects, all integrated so Egroupware with events calendars, contacts, tasks, etc.. A test urgently!
  • InfoLog: allows you to manage your tasks and progress, with possible links with projects
  • Manual / Help: The online help
  • Emails: with felamimail, webmail application, using Ajax and imap
  • Translation tools: You can simply change the labels Egroupware
  • Preferences: Preferences to manage displays in Egroupware very practical with personal, default and forced preferences
  • Resources: a meeting room or a vehicle to book? no problem ...
  • Bookmarks: to share your bookmarks in eGroupware
  • Sitemgr: to publish an extranet from your intranet
  • Polls: make small surveys for your users
  • Trouble ticket system: the historical application tts - adaptable management applications or file folder management
  • Tracker: the new ticket management application

Try out eGroupware with us !

Spirea may help you in your decision to go with eGroupware.

You may Vous pouvez bien entendu contact us for a demo or a discussion about your project.

we also have a set of trainings on eGroupware that can help in your decision making.

contact us for a demo, setup or to know further about eGroupware

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