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Development with eGroupware

[Translate to Anglais:] Notre activité de développeur

eGroupware is both a collaborative tool for users and a development tools with etemplate, translations and database tools.

We have several years of experience on the platform. Our developments respect coding conventions and rules. Our various modules have passed all the subsequent updates without problem.

Development methology with eGroupware

Step 0: Specify the objectives of your application : data model, screens, exports, main rules, etc.

Step 1: Setting up the development environment

Step 2: Create the database

Step 3: Create the screens

Step 4: Describe treatments

Step 5: Encode screens: sequences, controls, sorting, filters, ...

Step 6: Create reports

Step 7: Manage rights

Step 8: Extensive test and unit tests

Step 9: Deliver application

Développement et intégration de plugins ad hoc

Spirea can develop or adapt a module to meet your specifications, do not hesitate to contact us...

Links and documents

<a href="http://community.egroupware.org/index.php?page_name=wiki&amp;lang=&amp;wikipage=DeveloperDocs">Dev Documentations for eGroupware</a>
<a href="t3://file?uid=675">eTemplate Syntaxe</a>
<a href="http://community.egroupware.org/index.php?wikipage=Code+Corner">Code Corner eGroupware</a>
<a href="http://community.egroupware.org/index.php?page_name=wiki&amp;lang=&amp;wikipage=CodingRules">Coding Rules</a>
<a href="http://community.egroupware.org/index.php?page_name=wiki&amp;lang=&amp;wikipage=DevelGuide">Devel Guide</a>

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