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Les modules les plus utilisés sont déjà compatibles avec la dernière version 21 de eGroupware (SpiFina/Spid/SpiQuote/SpiSMS/SpiClient...)

SpiCademic - Publications management

Objectives: Management of academic publications and actions in eGroupware

The module "Spirea-Academic" (SpiCademic) is developed to complete egroupware with a module to manage publications and academic actions.

Typically, module's entries will be academic publications (articles, books, thesis ...) linked to some reviews or collections.
Also, they might be knowledge tranmissions or actions, so as the module is comprehensive and versatile enough to cover all "output" for a research center : training, conferences, symposiums, tv or radio presentations, etc. .

All references are dynamic, fields associated with each publication type are created and defined by the application managers.

Organizations concerned by SpiCademic

schools / universities / research centers
associations with research or publication activities
businesses with research or publication activities

Key Features

For users

View informations of a publication
Export publications in different format (xml, rtf, ris, csv, bibtex)
Find publication on Google Scholar

For applications managers

User fonctions
Add publications with all datas associated (authors, themes, description ...)
Configure all application's referentials

For administrators

No restrictions
Configure access rights
Configure default values

Statistics and exports

The system allows you to have statistics depending on different criterias and to make exports on opened formats (csv, xml, rtf) and documentation oriented format (bibtex)

Simple and advanced search

The module is integrated with eGroupware and uses tools and filter list similar to those in the address book.

Versatile configuration

The elements of the module are configurable: type status and hours, packages, managers, etc..

The last features added to the module

LDAP support for accounts and contacts

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Technical background

Compatible with Egroupware 14.1 / 14.2 / 14.3
Développed with php, eTemplate, Javascript
<b>Compatible with accounts stored in mysql, Ldap, Active Directory</b>
Multi-language support

Terms of use of Spirea's open-source modules

The described module is published by Spirea under the same terms as eGroupware Community : GNU General Public License v.2.0 (GPL2).  In other terms:

  • The module is available as such without warranty and usable free of charge
  • You are allowed to modify it, as long as your modifications are published under the same terms (GPL)
  • Installation, maintenance, backups are on your sole and full responsibility

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