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Les modules les plus utilisés sont déjà compatibles avec la dernière version 21 de eGroupware (SpiFina/Spid/SpiQuote/SpiSMS/SpiClient...)

SpiDating - Place and manage several meetings at once

Objectives: speed-up your calendar

eGroupware' calendar is very convenient to visualize and manage users' calendars by changing views (planning, daily view, etc.) and different time scales.
It is also very quick to add an event and if you are a heavy user, you might well know the availability research tool...
However, some needs might go beyond and you might want to create several meetings at once, on different users and different months.  You may also want to mass-modify the categories in order to confirm options for instance...
The module SpiDating (pronounce "Speed-Dating") is a application complementary to the calendar, that does not store anything else than some configuration entries.  It has no futher impact on your setup.
SpiDating allows the following actions:

mass creation of events in the calendar
mass creation of Spid ticket and their relative events in the calendar
quick access to events filtered by categories
statistics on time passed on meetings linked to eGroupware entries as projects, infolog, etc.

Organizations concerned

local administrations
consulting companies

Key Features

Mass creation of events

The availability research assitant will automatically generate a time grid with disabled checkboxes if the time frame is already booked. You may choose the duration, users and month-start for the meetings you want to place. For instance, you may want to add a 2-hours meeting, between 9:30am and 6:30pm but having 1 hour of lunch... The algorithm will fetch at each possible debut (9:30am, 10:30am, etc.) if you are available for the following 2 hours and disable the corresponding checkboxes and consider your lunch !

Limited access to information

Depending on the settings, users can only see the incidents concerning them, according to their location or their team (set in SpireAPI).

Tracking features allow access to history tab, but also to due dates and delays...

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Technical background

Compatible with Egroupware 14.1 / 14.2 / 14.3
Développed with php, eTemplate, Javascript
<b>Compatible with accounts stored in mysql, Ldap, Active Directory</b>
Multi-language support


Purchase of the software
Yearly maintenance : 20% of the licence price
Intégration/trainings : depending to modules

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