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SpiCV - Recruitement workflow in eGroupware

Objectives: computerized and collaborative recruitment workflow in eGroupware

The SpiCV software has been designed and developed to be a collaborative recruitment software fully integrated with eGroupware for the use inside an organization and wich complements other modules as the calendar.

SpiCV meets the needs of processing job applications after a first off-line filter. When the application is entered, it means it is interesting enough to be kept in the database and enter into a collaborative recruitement workflow.

All components are configurable and can also be integrated in a multilingual environment: skills, areas, steps, criteria, standards of wages, etc..

Organizations concerned

local administrations
consulting companies

Key Features

Profiling the applicants in the database

The applicant profile is entered with key information, skills, salary requirements, levels of languages, etc..
Files (typically, the resume) may be uploaded directly
Priorities and availability dates are recordeds
Simple and advanced search and mass-changes of statuts, managers, etc.
Fast download of all files in a single zip file
Strict management of access rights
Creating an appointment with the candidate directly from the recruitment software

Life cycle of the application: the default recruitment workflow of SpiCV

The recruitment workflow is both versatile and secure because the user rights on an application depend on the status and on manager/responsible user entries.  The risk of loss of confidentiality is limited because the application cannot be seen any any users without controls.

Default recruitment workflow

Creation -> Application out of Process -> Application to be taken ->

Appointment pending -> Getting appointment -> Go take ->

Meeting sheet completed -> Committee review ->

Negotiating position / salary -> Accepted (with conditions) ->

Accepted (being finalized) -> Hired

Reachable states directly:
- application rejected

Advanced Research

The software allows profile searching on basic information and one linked tables. For example, all candidates experts in 3 areas (criteria and / or possible) whose date of creation in the database is after 1 January 2010.

Meeting reports

Two types of meeting reports are available:

- Meeting reports as a file
- A meeting report directly entered inside the software corresponding to an calendar event in egroupware.

The meeting report consists of questions and answers or evaluation criteria organized into chapters. Some criteria may be required to validate the application, some valuations of criteria can be applied automatically and thus leading the application to an unfavorable status.

Strict management of access rights

Only one group (typically the service or recruitment and human resources management) has access to all applications and their data.

Staff may have to application or may create applications because they have one role in the workflow or because they have planned meetings with the applicant, once the status changed, the access is locked to meet confidentiality requirements.

Access to meeting reports is limited to group managers (HR / Executive), employees do not have access to meeting report completed by others.

Making appointments

Appointments can be booked directly from the SpiCV module to appear in eGroupware's calendar.

Simple and advanced search

The module is integrated with eGroupware complement and uses tools and filter list similar to those of the addressbook.  An advanced search page allows you to search by several criteria.

Versatile configuration and referentials

All elements are editable by managers: status, areas of expertise, types of wages, priority levels, etc..In addition, some options may be chosen to be the default (default search, etc)., Quick links, etc..


See the diagram of the default recruitment workflow

Technical background

Compatible with Egroupware 14.1 / 14.2 / 14.3
Développed with php, eTemplate, Javascript
<b>Compatible with accounts stored in mysql, Ldap, Active Directory</b>
Multi-language support


Purchase of the software
Yearly maintenance : 20% of the licence price
Intégration/trainings : depending to modules

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