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Spirea: your IT integrator and reseller in Paris, France

Spirea is the sales and IT support company attached with the company Gibbon SA. Spirea was created in 1994 to meet the IT needs of small and medium-sized entreprises requiring a generalist approach and comprehensive IT services.

In this context, Spirea provides its SME customers with appropriate hardware, software and services with requirements of reliability, performance and cost.

Integrator, reseller and general services provider, our service range covers IT infrastructure, network administration under Windows and/or Linux and the IT projects, trainings, the integration of management software (accounting, payroll), backups, intranets and much more ...

Since 2005, our activity provider egroupware is also a growing part of our business.

Our goal is the customer satisfaction on all our services and solutions.

Installation, maintenance and development services for eGroupware

eGroupWare is an open-source and web-based software for collaborative work.

Egroupware is designed for a professional use. It allows teammates to share contacts, calendars, resources, tasks, projects and much more ...

Spirea, your specialist and integrator egroupware assists you in installing, using or hosting your Egroupware plateform. We have implemented several training programs on egroupware and ensure the development and maintenance of some modules, as well as missions of tweaking and troubleshouting...

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